Strength & Conditioning Class

Fitness is a principal strength and conditioning program that delivers fitness that is by design; broad, general and inclusive.  

Broad Fitness?  The aim is to build a program that will best prepare trainees for any physical contingency, known and unknown.  The specialty of this program is not specializing.  Our Fitness Class involves constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Most individuals that come into class ask, “Where are the machines”? WE ARE THE MACHINES!

The communal aspect of our Fitness Class allows you to prioritize your health, reach fitness goals, in a family/team oriented environment.  The experience shared between individuals is emotional, raw, intense and enjoyable.  The reward for doing well is to be able to express a high level of fitness in many different areas of your life.
INSTRUCTOR- Terrance Reid

The cost**:

New Members:

  • Monthly Single - $100.00
  • Monthly Family* - $135.00

*Denotes family as 2 clients

Legacy Members:

  • Monthly Single - $75.00
  • Monthly Family* - $110.00

*Denotes family as 2 clients


  • Walkin - $10 per visit
  • Add a person to the couple rate - +#15 for each additional member added
  • 3x per week - $82.00
  • 5 Visit Punch Card - $45.00 ($9 per class rate)
  • 10 Visit Punch Card - $85.00 ($8.50 per class rate)
  • One on One - $35 per hour
  • Our Fitness Class Personal Training - $30 per session
  • Our Fitness Class Elements - $82.00 (2x per week WED/SAT)

** Prices shown before tax & processing fee.

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